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Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl Mania!

Here in the USA, the SuperBowl is a major event nationwide. Whether you're a fan of football or not, millions of people tune in to watch or at least have the TV on in the background while doing other things. Even if you're standing around a table of food while others sit in the TV room watching, you're still participating in the celebration.

Last night, I attended a party with a handful of friends and had a great time. Throughout the entire evening, though, I was struck with the appeal and draw of the SuperBowl, even for those who don't care for sports. It's all about the camaraderie and laughter and fellowship.

Or it's all about the commercials. LOL!

Either way, there is a substantial draw that has millions buzzing about it the next day and for days...even come.

Sometimes, books are like that. When a good book is discovered, the reader tells someone else about it. The more people who talk, the more who buy the book, and the more popular that author becomes. Sometimes, you can't really pinpoint why a certain book has that appeal. Sometimes, readers simply relate and share their enjoyment--even if that enjoyment was for a different reason.

So, did you do anything for the SuperBowl last night? And if not, how about a book? Can you name a book that's had a large appeal and you thrilled when you discovered others who also read/loved it?

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Jennifer Y. said...

I stayed at home and watched the game.