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Friday, January 19, 2007

Leaving for America

The fateful day has come. A fortnight has passed. I am watching from my favorite writing place under the tall oak. The carriage has taken our trunks to the ship. The remaining items were sold and our household staff will have other work next week. It was the tears that make this reality difficult. I cannot fathom the notion that I might never see my cousins or friends again. Papa has said we will not journey back across the waters. Whatever happens in this new world, we will endure it and forge our new lives there.

Mar has tried to be strong, but I know it is breaking her heart to leave. She will be even farther from her home than across the sea. Now, an entire world will separate us. A part of me wants to be excited. Another is melancholy. But will rally my disposition for Mar's sake, and Papa's. It will do no good for me to be uncooperative.

My cousins have said they expect a letter once we arrive and want to know everything. The saving grace is knowing I will have my paper and Mama's books with me to make the journey more bearable. I pray I do not fall ill during the crossing and will be able to write about the experiences on the ship.

Until next time...

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Jennifer Y. said...

I am really enjoying these glimpses at the character's life!