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Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing Raelene Strattford

March, 1736

Papa and Mar have suggested that I begin a diary to share my thoughts and feelings. So, I am abiding by their wishes and spending time each day writing in this special book Mar purchased for me. I suppose I should begin by saying I have fourteen years to my age and I currently live in England. Papa is serving in the Royal Navy and Mar instructs young women on the pianoforte. She and Papa actually met when Mar journeyed from Sweden to London in search of employment. Their story is one I never tire of hearing. But that is all going to change very soon.

Yesterday, Papa asked me to join him and Mar in the parlor. They had something important to discuss with me. At first, I thought they might be telling me I was finally going to have a baby brother or sister. They have wanted another child for so many years. But such happiness was not to be. Instead, Papa announced that he has secured passage on board the next ship crossing the ocean to the Colonies. We will be leaving within a fortnight.

I can hardly believe it. We have such a happy life here and a beautiful home. My cousins are nearby. We attend coutillions and soirees. I have friends and family and London is not so far that Mar and I can't enjoy a visit to the center of grand society. There is even one or two young gentleman who have indicated they might come calling soon.

My attempts to change Papa's mind were pointless. He told me that the Royal Navy was not the place for him any longer, and he wanted to start a new life in the Colonies. He wanted land and something to call his own, a heritage to leave when he is gone from this world. I didn't like Papa talking like that, but I also don't like seeing Papa sad.

It is not certain what kind of life awaits us across the waters. I have heard of a lot of stories from letters that have come to my family and friends here from those who have gone before us. It could possibly be a grand adventure, but my heart is not in it. What will we do once we arrive? Where are we going to live? What will happen to the life we know here?

Most important of all is am I ready for this?

Until next time.

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Jennifer Y. said...

Wonderful has definitely made me want to know more.