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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Word from Trish Perry

I experienced something fascinating the other day. I received a copy of my first published novel. But what I found fascinating was the accompanying emotion. It was a strange sense of anticlimax; maybe even depression. Odd?

Not really. I "heard" that same depression in a writer friend's email the next day. But her depression seemed based upon a recent rejection and her resultant uncertainty about whether she was truly meant to be an author.

Now, her depression might sound more reasonable, but I'm telling you, we both felt down for the same reason. We were both listening to the wrong voice. The voice I heard said, "You know, the book's really not very good. That's what everyone's going to think, especially your family and friends, who have their hopes so high." And the voice my friend heard said, "What, are you kidding? You're never going to make it. Stop wasting everyone’s time."

I ask you: Would the Lord ever talk like that to one of His children? To anyone seeking to serve Him through the gifts with which He blessed them? No. If the Lord doesn't want you writing, He's going to take the fun out of it. He'll draw you to something else. He'll gently guide you elsewhere. He won’t kick you down the stairs you’re climbing for Him.

My spirits lifted when I changed my focus and thanked Him for my success. And He blessed me with even more happiness when I dismissed that dark voice for what it was. There is amazing power in recognizing who's speaking to you. That recognition will decrease your fears and increase your joy in amazing ways.


Jenny B. Jones said...

Book sounds great! Can't wait to read it.

Kristy Dykes said...

You said, "There is amazing power in recognizing who's speaking to you."

Amen. Thanks for a great post, Trish. And thanks, Tiff, for bringing it to us. What a wonderful reminder to refute the lies of the enemy. There's an old chorus that says,

Praise the Lord,
Praise the Lord,
Let all God's people
Praise the Lord.

Shake off those heavy bands (shake your hands in the air)

Lift up those holy hands (raise your hands heavenward)

Let all God's people praise the Lord.

That's what I thought of, when you said to resist depressing thoughts. Shake 'em off, like water on freshly-washed hands.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I've felt that before. Although for me it's more panic than depression: "Oh no! It's out! It's done! I can't make any more changes! And now there are at least five things popping into my mind that I want to change that didn't seem to matter during editing! Blast!" This is closely followed by, "It's going to be a lousy book because I didn't make those changes...."