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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Striking a Difficult Balance

It's so difficult to come down from the head-in-the-clouds state of writing euphoria when attending a writer's conference full of fellow writers who understand the path you've been called and chosen to walk. And it's even harder when the conference is in your home town, so you have to go home each night to reality. But, thankfully you can return the next day and get back in the clouds. *g*

The other great part is mingling and "schmoozing" with the conferees and faculty. You learn a lot of tidbits of information about the writing world and hear of the personal struggles others have faced. You can even share your own journey and possibly inspire someone else.

So often you hear that the life of a writer is a piece of cake. You hear about a roaring fire, tall wingback chair, slippers and a manuscript in the lap. It's amazing to think how many misunderstand the blood, sweat and tears...the agony and emotional rollercoaster...writers experience along the way. But at a conference, we get energized and rejuvenated to go back out and keep pushing toward those goals. We commisserate with fellow rejectees and rejoice with the celebrations of contracts or invitations to submit work.

And best of all...we realize we're not alone in this business. There are many more "crazies" out there. *g*

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