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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spotlight on Roxanne Rustand and Hard Evidence

Roxanne Rustand is an award-winning author of magazine articles and nineteen romantic suspense novels. She also contributed to ORCHESTRATED MURDER (a trade paperback for Iowa Public Radio.) She now writes inspirational fiction, and is completely thrilled about this change in her career!

Roxanne's first manuscript won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart in Long Contemporary, and in 1998 her second was a Golden Heart finalist. More recently, A Man She Can Trust (a February, 2006 release) won RT Bookclub Magazine's award for Best Superromance of 2006. Roxanne was nominated for RT's Career Achievement Award in 2005.

Roxanne lives in the country with her husband and their daughter, who has just graduated from high school. Two sons have already graduated from college. She has a Master's Degree in nutrition, is a registered dietitian, and works part-time at a residential psychiatric facility. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, International Thriller Writers, RWA, Author's Guild, Novelists Inc., the Faith, Hope and Love chapter of RWA, RWA's Mystery & Suspense Chapter, Christian Writer's Group International, and the Heart of Iowa Fiction Authors.

Visit her other web sites:

by Roxanne Rustand
Published by Steeple Hill/Love Inspired Suspense


Come out, come out--wherever you are....

Someone is lurking in the woods behind the isolated lodge and cabins Janna McAllister has been fixing up. Who is he? And what could he want with a single mother who hasn’t set foot in the Wyoming Rockies for years?

She's suddenly thankful for her unexpected lodgers, deputy sheriff Michael Robertson and his troubled young son. The strong, silent type, Michael makes her feel safe--especially when human remains are found on her property. But it's a cold case, until she discovers evidence that brings the killer out of hiding--a killer who now wants to see her dead.

And suddenly, it's no longer safe to trust anyone she knows.

4 ½ STARS... Romantic Times magazine

Rustand's sixteenth published novel, Hard Evidence is the first book in the romantic suspense Snow Canyon Ranch trilogy. Vendetta will follow in February, 2008, and Wildfire will be out in March, 2008.


1. The first of 3 novels in the Love Inspired Suspense series that will be releasing in rapid succession. With a backdrop of the beautiful Wyoming Rockies and an isolated location, you've got the recipe for a perfect suspense. What gave you the inspiration for this story?

I love the Rockies. Our son worked as a raft guide on the Snake River in the Tetons, all through college, so we went every summer! It's the most gorgeous place on earth. I've always imagined what it might be like to live there...and from that came the thought--what sort of suspense could I build there, and with what sort of characters? I also love writing about complex family situations between generations, and these days a lot of us are in the "sandwich generation", with challenges to deal with at both ends of the spectrum. And then, of course, there's the fun a developing a romantic relationship between two characters who least expect it, and making the sparks fly!

2. How much of your own experiences influenced the characters of Janna and Michael? What aspects became traits that were theirs and theirs alone?

That's a tough question. I think life experiences affect the work of every writer, in one way or another. I grew up on horseback--got my first horse at the age of six, and have never been without one since, so I love the out-of-doors and especially, the West. I adore the mountains as well, so Janna is probably living out the sort of life I would love to have--running a rustic lodge, with the Rockies towering in the background. She has a strong independent streak, as I do, and is willing to take risks....though I think she is a lot more brave than I am!

3. What themes exist in Hard Evidence that you hope the reader sees? Are there any themes that weren't overt but developed as the story progressed?

Strong family values have always been at the core of what I write--both in my new Steeple Hill trilogy, and in all of the SuperRomances that I've ever written. The themes of faith, and integrity, and being willing to work hard to achieve one's goals have always been a universal in my books, as well. I have always hoped that a reader would feel uplifted in some way after reading one of my books.

Forgiveness and being able to let go of the past are two themes that also run through all three books in this trilogy.

4. What were your most difficult parts to write? Your favorite?/em>

I love writing suspense and mystery, with a lot of emotional development, and a growing relationship between two people despite the odds against them. I had such fun writing this series!I can't think of a part of this book that was difficult to handle...though sometimes, the middle third of a book can be a great challenge!

5. When is your next book coming out and what is the story?/em>

The next book will be VENDETTA, the second book in this series. It will be out in February, and involves the youngest sister, who is a veterinarian trying to establish a practice back in her home town in the mountains...though someone wants to see her fail, and won't stop at murder to see that happen. The final book, WILDFIRE, will be out in March.

* * * * *

Readers, leave a comment for your chance to win a FREE, autographed copy of Hard Evidence. If you don't wish to be entered, say so when you post. Roxanne will be back to respond to any comments or questions you leave. This week, the contest is open to US/Canada residents only.


Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

I made a boo-boo and managed to lose Roxanne's interview from last week. However, thanks to Google's cache, I was about to retrieve it and the comments that are still saved.

Unfortunately, I lost all 6 comments. I remember Kim Furd, Angela, ChristyJan, a gentleman who posted about the 4-1/2 star review, and Cherie, but I don't remember the 6th person.

If you would like to be entered, I'll leave this open until Friday to give you a chance to add your name again or add it for the first time.

My sincere apologies, but thanks for your patience.

dodo said...

I didn't comment before, but I would like to win this book. I like romance and suspense books, so I may read some of Mrs. Rustand's other books to have a mix of both :) I've also never been to Wyoming. I would love to read about such an itneresting setting.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Thanks to everyone who posted on this original interview. Again, my apologies for the goof that caused the comments to get lost.

However, we DO have a winner, and that is:


Congratulations! Cherie, I've sent your information to Roxanne so she can send out your book.

Everyone, else, check the other December spotlights to see if you've won.

Cherie J said...

Cool! Thanks Tiff!