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Monday, June 04, 2007

12 Weeks Down; 8 to Go!

Just 54 days left until the BIG DAY. Only 49 until I see my beloved again. Each day that passes brings us that much closer. Some days find me in a bit of a funk, unmotivated and missing him something fierce. Those days he seems to have a 6th sense about him and know, so he'll call me out of the blue or say something in our conversations that brightens my day and changes my outlook. Amazing how God speaks to him during my difficult times. Glad he's listening. :)

Now, for this past week, I have a humorous story to share. Remember how I mentioned Stuart and I had homework for our 2nd premarital counseling session? Well, I was there at the scheduled time, and Stuart was home waiting for the phone call. The problem? Pastor Chris forgot! I looked in all the offices and rooms of the church. No Chris. Finally had to find a member of the dance team call his house. When I got on the phone with him, he spent most of the conversation apologizing. I almost told him that once is enough. It's all good. Let's reschedule. And I did that. So, our meeting is this coming Friday instead. At least we're done our homework!

The other big event was my bridal shower this past Saturday. Had about 30 people attend, and my matron of honor did a fantastic job with decorations, planning, organizing, preparation, etc., with my mom's help. Even had 1 other of my bridesmaids from out-of-town make it, along with my college roommate, both of whom had to travel a bit to get there. Left with a good amount of "booty" and started to feel like I was actually getting married, although a "disconnected" feeling still lingers a bit. For Stuart too. I pray that changes soon.

For everything else:

* Received engagement photo shoot pictures and narrowed them down to 20 so far. Have to narrow down again to determine which ones we'll be using for what in the ceremony components.
* Discussed wedding day transportation with everyone coming in from out of town, determining if we would need to rent additional cars, or if everyone would have their own.
* Confirmed pre-wedding times for the two people doing hair and makeup for the bridal party to come over and experiment with samples and ideas. They'll be coming over on Tuesday. One is my younger brother's girlfriend and the other is a lady who works with her.
* Switched the original friend doing hair, due to extenuating circumstances, so she's helping with invitations, packing, organizing, clearing out, etc. Works great for me, as I needed some extra assistance in that area!
* Learned from a coworker and family friend that Stuart and I would be getting a special gift that I had planned to buy for us myself. It's a personalized frame with a scripture verse and the names of the bride, groom and names/attributes of God interwoven as the border. A picture is worth 1000 words. Going to love hanging that in our new home.
* Discovered some sketchy details about my bachelorette party and my mischievous bridesmaids. Who knows what they're scheming, but I know I'm in for it! LOL!
* Determined centerpiece decorations for the reception and will order the remaining items this week.
* Ordered the unity candle set with the Fairytale theme.
* Decided on a pre-decoration party for the wedding favors, centerpieces, decorations, and anything else that can be done beforehand. That's June 23rd. Several people have volunteered to help, so we'll have some drinks and snacks, maybe finger sandwiches and get everything done.
* Narrowed down moving options for hauling my stuff from here to Colorado and have to make phone calls this week to select the one that will work best.
* Will be selling my car and getting an SUV for us, so will be heading to the dealer this week to ask questions and determine options. Since I'll have to have an immediate replacement, the timing is crucial.
* Received good news regarding wedding budget, so no more concern over that. Praise God!
* Out-of-town family booked their hotel, so I can check that off my list. :)
* All bridesmaids have their dresses, and 2 of them need no alterations. That's a blessing in and of itself!
* Updated wedding registries after the bridal shower, so everything left is current from what we've received.

And I think that's all. If I remember anything else, or if Stuart reminds me of something I've missed, I'll come back to add it or put it with next week's update. Until then...

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