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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reviews: Cowboy and Lucky by Staci Stallings

All right, so I didn't get to my reviews Tuesday or Wednesday like I said. This week just flew right by. Sometimes, I wonder where life goes at such a breakneck speed. Whew! There goes another minute.

Now, I don't do reviews very often because I second-guess myself on whether my comments and word usage are "good enough." I've written a handful for and other sites featuring the sale of books. This is one of the first ones here on my blog. Usually, I let the author talk about the books. :)

But, here goes:

The unique presentation in this story using telephone conversations to comprise the majority of the dialogue between the hero and heroine made the reading flow in smooth succession and kept me turning the pages (figuratively speaking of course since I read it electronically). Featuring a country music star immediately piqued my interest, and the story drew me from the start. To read how the heroine got involved in the hero's life and how their relationship developed made for enjoyable entertainment. Both the hero's and heroine's plights were presented in a way that made me sympathize with the characters and want to see them succeed.

My hat's off to you, Staci.

This story begins with the presentation of an idea or preconceived notion and takes a decided twist to end where you don't expect. From the moment the *real* hero was introduced, I couldn't stop reading. Again, the use of country music as a backdrop for the story appealed to me, but with this one focusing on a hero who hadn't yet made it big and exploring his journey toward that ultimate goal, I felt more attached than in Cowboy. By the end, I had a smile on my face and a feeling of success for both the hero and heroine at finding and reaching their dreams.

Another good read. These have inspired me to perhaps pen something highlighting my own brushes with the celebrity world. Certainly something to ponder. :)

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